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Авиаперевозки. Отправка посылок, бандеролей, среднегабаритных грузов, животных, а также автомобилей!

Отправка морем
Отправка контейнеров морем

Отправка крупногабаритных и коммерческих грузов в контейнерах морскими линиями

Автомобильные грузоперевозки

Перевозки средне- и крупногабаритных грузов по США и Канаде грузовыми автомобилями и трейлерами

FedEx Authorized Shipping Center
FedEx Authorized shipping center

Услуги почтово-отправочного сервиса FedEx.

Отследите Вашу посылку, отправленную через DHL!

UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet

Отслеживание посылок, отправленных с помощью ЮСПС
USPS postal provider

Shipment of parcels and packages

+1 (718) 449-1971 receive the parcel 

Global Transit Company (Global Transit Group LLC) is the official representative of FedEx, DHL,USPS (EMS) and the MEEST-America company - the leader company in providing of transportation services from the USA to CIS countries. With the help of Meest-America we provide reliable and quality services of goods, parcels and packages’ delivery and other freight from door-to-door. Shipments are carried by sea and air way. Global Transit Group LLC has a lot of experience of successful work in the field of transportation.

Rules for registration and packing parcels

Parcels’ registration

For each parcel we issue a declaration and assign a personal number that is used to track parcel or freight. When declaring the goods it must be specified in the form: "dress", "shoes", "T- shirt", "cosmetics", etc., and the amount of each item. To declare by generic names such as "second hand clothes", "clothing" is not allowed! Also, we need the address, name and phone number of the recipient – the company representative will contact this person before delivery. If the parcel is addressed to the charity organization, orphanage, children's home or other legal entity, it is desirable (in declaration and on the parcel) to write the address of the legal entity and the name of the person who is recipient as well.


We recommend to send parcels, packages and freight in the NEW corrugated cardboard boxes, as the previously used boxes may be not good enough to protect the contents of your parcel. To ensure the safety of parcels’ and freight’ contents from damage during the shipping, you need to take care of steady position of items inside the package. It’s necessary to separate fragile items from each other and from the corners, sides, top and bottom of the box. Please, use the suitable packing material (bubble wrap, polystyrene "beads", crumpled paper, other materials) to protect content of your parcel completely. The content of the parcel or freight which is properly packed would not be moving inside the box when you change the angles of inclination.

If you need help, our staff can provide a packing service for you.

We strongly advise you to follow these instructions and to remember that for damaged items that have not been securely packed by sender or placed in unsuitable containers the company «Global Transit Group LLC» has no responsibility.


Parcels’ content

It is strictly forbidden for carriage: weapons, drugs, cultural values, any currency and precious metals. In case of detection those things will be confiscated.

AIR parcels content and permitted dimensions

You can send parcels of any size, but the more size of the parcel the greater probability that at customs inspection it will be manually checked - the discrepancy of the actual content from the declared may arise some problems.
The maximum estimated value of a parcel that is sent to a recipient shall not exceed € 150 per day.
The weight of parcel that is sent to one recipient shall not exceed 50 kg per day.


Global Transit Group. Sending parcels and freight from the United States

The Global Transit Group’ company (Global Transit) is the representative of MEEST AMERICA and offers services for sending parcels and other goods from USA to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Baltic countries. Also we provide a full range of shipping services, logistics and transportation in the United States and Canada. In some cases, we ship goods worldwide. Our offices locate in Brooklyn and Staten Island area, NY.

Sending packages and parcels

We offer services of sending packages and parcels to your family and friends. Sending parcels via Global Transit is the right choice!

Fastest delivery of parcels from the US is carried out by air transport - that allows you to receive parcels from overseas friends and relatives in a few days. Air transport is the best choice for sending small lightweight things such as documents and gifts to relatives for the holidays. Also this way you can deliver animals across the ocean. Often parcels to Ukraine contain four-legged friends of different breeds.

The convenience of this service is indisputable, because, unlike the postal delivery, the sender and the recipient cannot even leave their houses – the parcel will be picked up at the door by employees of the company and delivered from door-to-door to the recipient’s home.


USA address’ providing

If you live abroad and want to make purchases in the US by yourself - you need the recipient's address in the United States. We can provide you with the address for delivery of your orders.


Delivery of goods from USA to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from abroad is a popular service of many transport companies and Global Transit Group is no exception. The company offers to customers the multiple delivery options and various types of transport solutions - this determines the price and terms. The package with documents, boxes with gifts, refrigerator or even the car will be delivered safely by the appointed date. All that is needed to make to the customer - is to determine goods and the preferred method of delivery.
International business is expanding and is largely due to the advanced system of delivery. For all who seek to establish a trading business with American partners, the Global Transit Group provides services for the delivery of goods from the US to Ukraine and other regions.
Goods from USA are known for their quality, reasonable prices and are popular among consumers in Europe and Asia, therefore the adjusted delivery of goods from the United States is an undeniable advantage and the key to sustainable business development.


Oversized goods

Delivery of goods from the United States is not limited to packages and parcels, but also includes the transportation of bulky cargo. Furniture, appliances, cars can be shipped by air or by sea. The choice depends on the desired parameters of price and delivery time. In situations where the shipment time is of crucial importance, the goods will be sent by air. If there's no hurry, our clients can save money choosing delivery by sea. Delivery of goods from USA to Ukraine and other countries also includes services in registration of customs and transport documents, which is very convenient.


Whatever kind of shipment you choose, you can be sure of the safety of your cargo and delivery deadlines, because Global Transit Group values its customers and strives to deliver not only parcels, but also joy.

Company news

For customers residing outside the United States and regularly shopping  in the U.S stores, Meest-America now offers new low prices for shipping of small air packages to Ukraine.
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Articles and tips on the topic

Sending goods by sea – this is what our customers are worry about. And this is natural! Cargo or container after loading on board remains with the crew and other port inspection agencies

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This service! - A godsend for me. All mail and transportation services together!

Andrey, New York

Convenient Gift shop from USA

Gift shop from USA

Nonstandard and flexible approach to clients. Sending of five-ton container was not so troublesome task with Global Transit. It took several days to make all necessary documents.

Gena, New Jersey

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